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NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Paste, Citrus Mint, Polish, 100 cups

  • Discover a NU WORLD of Comfort.

    Clinically proven immediate sensitivity relief that lasts up to 28 days with just one application1

    • Cleans and polishes teeth and provides immediate and long lasting sensitivity relief in a single application2
    • Unique NovaMin® calcium-phosphate technology
    • Available in four flavors and two grits (polish and stain removal)
    • Dye-free, Gluten-free, SLS-free3
Features and Benefits

NUPRO® Sensodyne® is powered by NovaMin® calcium phosphate technology. NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste is clinically proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting (up to 28 days) relief from sensitivity for your prophy patients - providing increased patient comfort with just one application.1 

With proven quality, performance and protection, the NUPRO family of products is leading the way for a more comprehensive approach to preventive hygiene. The NUPRO product line is designed to meet the needs of today's clinicians.

Each box contains: 

  • 1 prophy grip
  • 1 prophy ring

  1. J.L. Milleman, K.R. Milleman, et al. Nupro Sensodyne prophylaxis paste with NovaMin for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity: A 4-week study. Am J Dent 201225: 262-268. 2. Data on file. 3. Sodium lauryl sulfate

<p><em>&quot;I received my samples two weeks ago and today I had a patient with severe dentinal hypersensitivity. Your product worked so fabulously I had to write and tell you how grateful we BOTH were. He experienced immediate relief and his cleaning was so much more comfortable, which made me feel great!</em></p><p><em>I work at a (military) base and all of my patients are active duty, serving their country in the (military). Providing them with a relatively pain free prophylaxis is the least I can do for the sacrifices they make for all of us on a daily basis. I am happy to provide them with the latest, cutting edge products to help them achieve better oral health, and your new prophy paste is the best and most effective I have used.</em></p><p><em>Thank you for all your great products, but today, thank you especially for the NUPRO Sensodyne with NovaMin. It performed perfectly!&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Cathleen Alty | RDH |20+ Years</strong></p><p><em>&quot;Smooth, easy to get out; patients really liked the product; prior to SRP=less sensitivity (dentinal).&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Jessica Bair | RDH | 2 Years</strong></p><p><em>&quot;Easy to remove from cup with prophy angle; worked for patients who experienced sensitivity; many comments on the great flavor.&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Amy Boyer | RDH | 1 Year</strong></p><p><em>&quot;I like very much the sensitivity relief and of course stain removal!!&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Nancy Sensenig | RDH | 30 Years</strong></p><p><em>&quot;I would purchase this product since it duplicates the current paste but improves upon the properties. A product with decreased sensitivity ability is always a plus in the dental world!&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Suzanne Ulmer Wenger | RDH | 24 Years</strong></p><p><em>&quot;From a Clinicians point of view using NUPRO Sensodyne to comfort the patient is very important &hellip;. Like to have patient retention and this is one way to keep patients comfortable and keep them coming back during a routine prophylaxis.&quot;</em></p><p><strong>Lori Palmer | RDH | 15 years</strong></p>